Monday, September 15, 2008

Crawling and cruising and pulling up, oh my!

I knew this time was coming. I've been watching Emily get up on all fours for a few weeks now, so I figured crawling was getting close. And while I eagerly anticipated it in some ways (they seem so much happier when they're mobile), it's also scary in others. What toys are choking hazards? What have we left within reach of an infant that maybe shouldn't be? We never un-babyproofed anything, but it seems like most of the second children I know are much more mischievous than the first, so I fear the babyproofing we did for Megan won't cut it this time around.

Anyway, last week, Emily got up on all fours, then gingerly moved one knee forward, and then another. And then she came crashing down on her belly. And then she got up for more. 3 days later, I was sitting on the couch, and she crawled over to me and pulled herself up on the couch so she was standing. And yesterday, she pulled herself up on my sister's fireplace (covered in fireplace bumpers, thank goodness!), and shuffled herself over a few feet to get to a blue plastic pitcher that was on the fireplace. That's right, she cruised. Cruised, people! At 8 months. I know, it's far from unheard of. It's probably right on track. But, since my girls' birthdays are 9 days apart, it's easy for me to compare them, and I know for a fact that Megan didn't do this until a good 6 weeks from now, so I wasn't exactly prepared. I'm just hoping I can count on a few months of crawling before I have to think about walking. Ay yi yi!

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