Friday, September 19, 2008

MomCheck Blog Goes On Hiatus

There comes a time in all moms' lives that we must re-prioritize. This is also true of entrepreneurs launching a company. Combine the two, as we are doing here at MomCheck, and, sometimes feels like we must reprioritize on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis.

We are getting ready to launch subscription service on MomCheck, which means we are finally entering the stage we've wanted to be at for a year now. It is very, very exciting (and just a teensy bit scary). Communicating on a personal level through this blog has been something we've always wanted to have as a component to our company. And we figured, there are four of us, surely we can manage! We've done okay, but we haven't done stellar, like we intended. And now, the launching of the subscriptions, coupled with 2 of us being currently pregnant...we're re-prioritizing again, and the MomCheck Blog has not made the cut.

We will be back, though! With new stories to tell! Should you find your way to our blog here, and find yourself disappointed we're on a break and you are filled with the urge to continue this blog while we're on hiatus - email us at - we'd love nothing more than to find a few moms who'd like to contribute.

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