Wednesday, September 3, 2008

One of my favorite milestones.

Emily is sitting up unassisted now. I can put her in a sitting position, and unless she wants to fall over, she doesn't. I love it. Love it! It's really one of my favorite milestones ever. It's not that it gives her any independence, really, but it allows her to sit up with us and see the world, and I think to feel like she's more a part of what's going on. I mean, it's got to be hard just laying there all of the time. Sure, it sounds nice for a few hours, but for weeks on end? No thanks! So, she's sitting, and I'm thrilled. She's such a happy kid, and this just seems to make her happier.

I have to be honest. I love my kids, and I really like kids in general, but I prefer them to be a little older. Babies are tough for me. I couldn't love Emily more, but I do sort of look forward to her being able to walk and talk like Megan can now. It's just so fun. But, I'm doing my best to really savor this time with Emily, this babyness, because I know I'll never have it again (we're done having kids). That said, I'm finding it tough to witness some of these milestones. I'm so glad she's sitting up - that milestone was fine. But you know what got me? When she outgrew the swing. The swing that both of my girls used from the time they were itty bitty newborns. That comfy, cozy, wonderful, couldn't-have-lived-without-it Pappasan swing. I just sold it, and while it's nice to reclaim the space it took, I'm also sad to see it go. It's one of the first big baby things she's outgrown, and it's just sad to think that my baby isn't as much of a baby as she used to be. It's exciting, sure, but it's sad, too.

Motherhood. It's such a mixed bag of emotions!

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